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What is JSA: The World About?

     JSA: The World is a 2015 American novel series written by Justin McDonald and published by Light Switch Press , that chronicles the adventures of the Joined Services Agency. An agency within the government that uses their special abilities to solve cases dealing with the paranormal and unusual phenomenon. Even though their jobs alone seem hard enough, it doesn't quite help that they also have to deal with the infamous, hitman society known as the Mubarak -an empire that has made it their priority to search for ancient artifacts to help them take over the world.

    This was the original story that started it all. However as the story progresses, the mysteries of past events gradually become solved as even more powerful threats rise to challenge the Joined Services Agency in their endeavors.

JSA: The World- First Edition (Available Here!)

Plot Summary:
This novel chronicles the actions of the Joined Services Agency, an agency that has been fighting against the Mubarak society of hitmen for twenty-five years. After hiding for the last two-dozen-plus years, The Mubarak have come out of the shadows in search of ancient artifacts that will help them take over the world. This story follows JSA as their agents work to halt the plans of this sinister organization.

JSA: The World- Second Edition (Available Here!)

Plot Summary:
After the Joined Services Agency emerged victorious from their fierce battle against the Mubarak, the group was rewarded to spend the entire summer together at this five-star attraction: St. Bronco Resort. An island resort near a "seemingly" perfect paradise on Earth. But this utopia, however holds a very dark secret as criminals, mysterious invaders and rogue bounty hunters target JSA for various reasons. If that wasn't enough, the group is later trapped in an alternate world named Lethimah, after a series of crucial events take place. Will JSA manage to restore this renowned paradise back to its "normal" self, as well as return home to their world to relax before school starts back? All these answers and more will be revealed, right here in JSA: The World- Second Edition!

JSA: The World- Third Edition (Available Here!)

Plot Summary:
The replica, Apparatus appears to the scene as he, along with his partner Ventus, searches for his past life's immortality. Now, The Joined Services Agency must band together with their previous enemies, the Mubarak to prevent an imminent disaster unlike none other. Then after the demise of the Sol Barrier, The Azora Clan rises to the surface in search of Hemera's Feather to transform them from vampires of the night, to grim reapers in an instant. This mysterious clan also bares an uncanny interest in the orphan girl Christine Bennet, as they appear claiming her as their own. Also, Raven returns to Brazil to finally settle the reoccurring issues from her past once and for all, as the hidden truth is finally revealed to her. Will the resolve of our heroes finally reach its climax here? Or, will there be something else in store for JSA next? All these answers and more will be revealed right here in JSA: The World- Third Edition!

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