Plotagon Parody:


This 3D, animated parody of JSA: The World was made possible using Plotagon and few other materials. Apparently, Justin McDonald and his partner from JSA -Christine Bennet, are trapped in an alternate world as the duo must fight against pseudo and other potential threats, all the while trying to return home to their world. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

The Tale of Power:

The Tale of Power is an animated tale that explains the origins and backstory behind JSA's most notorious hitman/assassin organization, The Mubarak. This tale is a collection of events that comprises 4 Episodes that chronicle the events of how Khalid Mubarak had risen from being an exile from his home country to the King of the Pseudo and establishing his very own domain in the underworld. A domain so powerful that even the strongest of JSA member would think twice before challenging their organization head on, lest they risk being turned into pseudo themselves.

Here's a list of watchable episodes to view on our site:

(Image from: Persona 5 Imagining Project- Fan made)

The Tale of Origins:

After the Tale of Power's finale, all of time and fate had been rewritten and we're now given a backstory of how everything has come to be and how do will the descendants of these legendary heroes who fought against Lilith in the ancient world carry on through life? This two-part story is the short prequel to Untitled Ambition. Links to the episodes below:

Untitled Ambition:

Taking place in an alternate realm, the graduating students of the Joined Services Agency are each given special items to use in order to go up the ranks of the organization. Meanwhile, this year's unofficial member- Justin McDonald is given a strange book that's in desperate need of translation. That's it..