Elpis (AKA: Lux, or Faith Lumen) is a character that appears in the second edition of JSA: The World. Elpis is also the good counterpart to Moros, representing light and hope in contrast to his darkness and despair. She initially appears as the kindhearted hotel supervisor at St.Bronco Resort- the inn JSA was stationed to live during summer break. However when Moros wreaks havoc on Earth unleashing dark plagues, she reveals her true identity and the fact that not only does she possess light powers, but is also a replica like the other Filii Nihilum members. After the revelation, Elpis continues fighting alongside JSA in their fierce battle against Moros and his legion of the undead

In The Tale of Power:
Elpis appears before Mr. Hernandez as a guide to him solving the true mystery behind his investigation on the disappearance of the Nephthys of his world. During their brief interaction with one another, Elpis tells Mr. Hernandez the story of how Silhouette obtained light powers, as follow-up to the final tale explained within the files. In ancient times, it was revealed that Elpis did indeed have a young apprentice by the name of Hemera. The youth was starting to feel very confident in her light powers that Elpis bestowed her. Elpis knew then and there that Hemera would be the perfect candidate to destroy Moros, should the dark fiend ever resurface. However a ghastly wail was heard on their private island as Hemera insisted that she'd go alone find the cause. However, that proved to be Hemera's ultimate undoing, as Silhouette swiftly devoured the girl and obtained her light powers

When Elpis rushed to the scene, she was horrified to discover an evolved dark being who bared the appearance of very pale humanoid creature. Elpis sensed a pure evil stench coming from Silhouette, but was confused as to why she could also sense light powers from within him as well. Once Silhouette explains the situation, Elpis weeps and demands that Silhouette gives Hemera back to her. He complies by morphing himself into a dark being version of Hemera while laughing hysterically. Afterwards a fight inevitably takes place as their battle ended in a draw. Silhouette couldn't be purged thanks to his newly acquired light immunity and Elpis retaliated by casting the Sol Barrier to ensure that no other dark being could ever walking surface world without being purged.

This resulted into lesser dark beings getting vaporized on impact, while stronger dark beings like Moros grew weaker by each passing day until they reached the same demise. Thanks to this barrier, Moros' days of scheming were officially numbered. However just before his dying breath, he used the last increments of his strength to rewrite time and fate for our heroes. What happened next? Only time will tell for now.

Powers & Abilities

  • Light Manipulation
  • Angelic Physiology
  • Healing Aura
  • High Speed Regeneration
  • Aether Manipulation
  • Life Restoration
  • Wings of Light
  • Immortality
  • Signature Weapon: Holy Arrows


  • Much like the ancient Greek myth, Elpis is the name of the goddess of hope who assisted Prometheus in his ongoing struggle against Moros, the god of doom and depair. In the end, the duo were able to obscure Moros from the perception of humanity by causing Elpis' blind hopes to dwell within the hearts mankind.
  • Elpis is the only replica in the ancient thirteen who has no association with the Filii Nihilum and is easily seen as the most benevolent.
  • Elpis' eye color is pink as a reference to her peaceful, loving nature and her light and healing abilities.

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