Christine Bennet

Christine Bennet is one of the leading protagonists in the first novel of JSA: The World. She first appears in the story as one of Isaac Vorontsov's close friends, whom Justin and his brothers had the pleasure of meeting. Christine along with the others, attended the Moonlight Festival when the chemical smoke set off and has since then acquired special abilities like many of her peers. Subsequent to the incident that took place at the festival, Christine and her friends were recruited into the Joined Services Agency, to solve unexplainable cases and help fight against The Mubarak.

Role in Parody

Christine Bennet first appears in the parody along with Justin McDonald, pretty much asking how the two of them ended up in this 3D world (Plotagon). Justin then replies in ignorance justifying how was he supposed that pressing a button entering a room would lead the pair to "fugly, no-budget, 3D world." Once again, Christine blames this incident as just another one of Justin's usual shenanigans. As the two figure out a way to escape a strong pseudo appears to challenge the duo in order to avenge his master and retrieve Nephthys in hopes that the Mubarak will rise again. While Justin tries to flee the scene, the pseudo engages Christine in a brief battle royale until "Santa Claus" appears to the scene -immediately shifting the seriousness of the situation to something completely hilarious and nonsensical. Christine then slays the pseudo while it's distracted and asks Santa for a way both Justin and her can escape this place. Santa then complies telling the duo that a Nephthys who works at nearby diner knows the way for them both return, before trying getting his kiss rejected and slapped by Christine. Meanwhile, Justin casually watches saying, "Yep, still better than cable."
In later segments, Christine finds this version of Nephthys working at a diner where she explains their situation and the perverseness of Santa. Nephthys then decides to the duo in cause for escape in exchange that she goes with as well to escape both Santa and pseudo that are in pursuit of her. Meanwhile, Justin stays at home with Santa wondering how and why decided to drop by and pay them a visit. The latter replied saying that he wanted to make sure he kissed Christine with the "magic mistletoe" he brought over, in which Justin lamented for his movie night being ruined. Then without notice, Santa vanished from the house after Christine was coming back as Justin looked around, seeing that Santa was gone and was happy to watch his shows in peace. Elsewhere, the other pseudo discuss the defeat of the first pseudo that faced off against Christine and plot a way to prevent the duo from escaping with Nephthys. Meanwhile, Santa expresses utter frustration that Christine Bennet and vowed to have better luck next time, as long he still possessed the magic mistletoe. However, Santa soon realized that left said item at the house Justin's where the latter decided to hold on to it for safe keeping.
In the final segment of the parody, the remaining pseudo finally catch up to the trio trying to escape and are about to engage in yet another confrontation. Nephthys immediately vocalizes her distaste for the notion of returning to the tyrannical organization they called the Mubarak, as the pseudo were forcing her to comply. However before pseudo continued to intimidate Nephthys, Justin intervened by revealing his secret skill: The Power to Geek Out! (This was just him doing a silly dance, as the pseudo remained distracted). This fortunately bought the trio enough time to escape from that realm and return home.

Powers & Abilities

  • Blue Aura Manipulation: Much like her relative Silhouette, Christine can emit a powerful blue aura thats able to subdue foes instantly and to immediately heal injuries. She displayed this skill during her fight with Noelle and her samurai pseudo in the mines and also during her brief confrontation with Silhouette.
  • Shadow Manipulation: Christine was finally able to mimic Silhouette's signature skill during the final fight with Khalid Mubarak, being able to bind him for a short period of time to prevent him from causing further damage to anyone else.
  • Telekinesis: Christine displayed this ability in the early stages of powers as she was able to move objects by her force of will and in some cases other people.
  • Invisiblity: Christine was shown to turn temporarily invisible during her encounter with Noelle, in an attempt to grab the Green Emerald without her noticing.
  • Vampire Physiology


  • Christine Bennet is the very first character to be created for JSA: The World.
  • Azora Clan members share the trait having red eyes, yet Christine's eyes are blue.
  • Despite Silhouette allegedly claiming to be Christine's older brother, one can see a few similarities between the two (ability & design-wise), enough to confirm that their related in some form or fashion, but most likely not enough to be considered siblings.

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