Create Paths for Rivers to Meet the Ocean in the Gorgeous ‘Roia’, Coming to iOS and Android July 16th

If you’ve been following TouchArcade for the past several years then you might be familiar with the Austrian developer Emoak Studio. In the past we’ve covered their flying machine creation game Machinaero as well as their advanced light relfection puzzler Lyxo. Both games featured really pleasing aesthetics coupled with musical scores that complemented their gameplay perfectly, and in general this is one of those developers that goes the extra mile to make sure their projects feel cohesive and polished. That holds true yet again with their new upcoming title Roia. This one is about creating a pathway for a water source to empty into the ocean. Basically it’s a river creating game. The way you do this is by raising and lowering the terrain as you see fit in order to get the water to flow just how you want it to. As you can see in the trailer, it’s another game with fantastic music and gorgeous visuals.

If you are familiar with Emoak’s previous titles, then you might remember the lengths they go to to achieve a certain level of realism in their games. For Machinaero they studied aerodynamics and physics at length to ensure that each flying machine a player created would properly to things like wind friction, lift, drag, pressure, temperature and fluids. In Lyxo, every light source is made up of thousands of individual light rays that all reflect and refract correctly and independently from one another in order to provide the most realistic virtual lighting possible. I have no doubt that the terrain manipulation and the way that the water flows in Roia will be equally in-depth and impressive. Look for it to launch on iOS and Android on July 16th at a price of $2.99.

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