‘Black Paradox Reloaded’ Heading to Steam in October, Console and Mobile Versions to Follow

This was actually announced last week but somehow got lost in the shuffle, so I wanted to make sure to highlight it because Fantastico Studio’s Black Paradox is one of my very favorite iOS games. It feels like only yesterday that it launched on iOS, but actually it was back in the fall of 2018, more than 5 years ago. With this milestone anniversary Fantastico wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion, and that something special is Black Paradox Reloaded, a remastered and enhanced version of their bad ass roguelike shoot ’em up. “Remastered? Enhanced? But how?" you might be wondering. Well, according to the official PR, you can look forward to “enhanced pixel art, rebalanced gameplay, new synthwave tracks, and an intense boss rush mode." Check out the trailer.

Fantastico Studio goes on to add: “Thanks to the valuable feedback from our community of players, we have worked hard to enrich the gaming experience both graphically and in terms of gameplay. The pixel art has been completely overhauled, making every detail pop with vibrant color and clarity. The gameplay has been meticulously rebalanced, and the new synthwave tracks are electrifying, setting the perfect mood as you blast through waves of enemies. One of the standout additions is the hardcore boss rush mode – a true test for any seasoned player." Sounds pretty fantastico to me! See what I did there? Black Paradox Reloaded will launch on Steam in October and can be wishlisted now, with console and mobile versions to follow sometime afterward. No dates just yet for the mobile version but it’s something I’ll be keeping a keen eye out for.

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