3D Picross Game ‘PiKuBo’ Updates with New Puzzle Pack, Extra Quality of Life Features, and More

PiKuBo (Free) pleased me greatly when it released a little while back. It’s essentially a take on Nintendo’s 3D Picross, but with a user interface that makes a lot of sense on mobile. With the way the game was set up, offering a free puzzle pack and selling a couple more as IAPs, it seemed inevitable we would be seeing more from it. And hey, here we are. So what exactly do we get in this new update? Shaun investigates!

I like saying “Shaun investigates!", it makes me feel like a proper journo. Okay, so about that PiKuBo update. One of the things that I mentioned in my review was that I wanted more puzzles, and more difficult ones. The creatively titled Level Pack 04 certainly offers up the former, with thirty-six new puzzles to solve. It’s easily two or three hours of entertainment, depending on how good you are at solving 3D nonograms. Are they more difficult? Well, it’s hard to say with the few I’ve tried out so far, but there does seem to be a marginal step up. This new puzzle pack follows in the footsteps of the previous ones, selling for $0.99. A good deal, in my opinion.

But maybe you don’t have a buck, and you’re wondering if there is anything here for you. Well… yes, there is. Lucky little beaver you are. First of all, there’s now a button you can tap that will immediately explode all of the 0 blocks. It’s just busy work, and I don’t mind taking the shortcut. You do what you will. There’s also a new option that allows you to turn off the timer. You know, maybe you just want to chill out and solve the puzzle at your own pace. Does that make this a COZY GAME now? It might! I’ll leave that to Mikhail to decide.

That’s about it for this update, but I imagine we’ll see more in the future at least as far as puzzle packs go. Oh, there’s also a bug fix in here for an audio issue. I forgot to mention that. Well, I just did. Anyway, a handy new UI feature, a solid new optional setting, and a level pack you can buy for a buck. That sounds nice to me. If it sounds nice to you, head on over to your nearest PiKuBo and partake. Maybe read my review, if you’re feeling particularly frisky. I’m not going to police you about it, mind you. But there will be a quiz later, so… you know.

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