‘World of Goo 2’ for Switch and PC Delayed to August, No Word on Mobile Yet

Back in December last year, Tomorrow Corporation announced World of Goo 2 at The Game Awards 2023. Platforms weren’t revealed back then, but we had confirmation in February this year that World of Goo 2 would be coming to Switch and PC platforms on May 23rd. Mobile wasn’t revealed or even mentioned, but I have a feeling that’s because the mobile version will be revealed by Netflix. Before getting to why, Tomorrow Corporation just announced a delay for World of Goo 2 on Switch and PC platforms taking it to August 2nd to enhance the game. A delay of a few months isn’t a huge deal, but I hope (and think) that it will also arrive on mobile at or soon after launch through Netflix. I say this because the original World of Goo was remastered and released on mobile through Netflix. I assume this deal also includes the sequel, but nothing has been officially announced yet. Watch the newest trailer for World of Goo 2 below:

World of Goo 2 looks exactly like what I want from a new World of Goo game. The original World of Goo is one of the best iPad games you can play even today, and I will continue to hope that World of Goo 2 hits the platform somehow at or soon after launch. Until then, I’m definitely going to play it on whatever it debuts on. Having native touch support on Switch or Steam Deck would be nice. We will likely learn more about World of Goo 2 soon as we get closer to its August release date. If you’d like to grab the first game’s remaster on iOS and Android and have an active Netflix subscription, get World of Goo Remastered on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out our new forum thread for it here and the official game website here. Have you played World of Goo before and are you looking forward to World of Goo 2?

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