TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘Dadish 3D’

This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you know me since I’m always going on and on about how much I love the Dadish series from developer Thomas Young. And now that our plucky little root vegetable hero has entered the mystical third dimension, well, I just can’t resist. Dadish 3D might not be a game that will transcend 3D platformers and redefine the genre as we know it, but gosh darn it it’s cute as all heck, controls well, offers up a straightforward challenge, and will charm your pants off.

There’s not really much to say that you wouldn’t already know from playing previous Dadish games. Running, jumping, avoiding enemies, light puzzle solving, and rescuing an adorable but mischievous adolescent radish at the end of each level is the order of the day in basically all the Dadish games, and that’s true here as well. In fact, the simplicity and purity of Dadish 3D is what I like so much about it. There are lots of cleverly designed levels here, 50 all told, and for as cute and simple as things may seem on the surface this is a game that will really test your platforming abilities.

Thankfully it’s low-stakes enough to never be annoying if you have trouble nailing a particular section. You have unlimited lives and will merely need to start the level over again upon failure, and since the levels are nicely bite-sized without being overly tiny that’s not too much of a punishment. And the feeling of satisfaction from successfully making your way through a gauntlet of enemies and hazards and moving platforms makes all the retries worth it in the end.

Don’t just take my word for it though. ALL the Dadish games are completely free to play with ads, and all have a one-time IAP you can purchase to remove those ads and make it a full blown premium experience. It’s the best pay model in my opinion, and if you have yet to try a Dadish game then you need to remedy that as soon as humanly possible. There just aren’t that many 3D platformers on mobile, so Dadish 3D’s arrival is a welcome one, and it makes things all that much sweeter that it’s a fun and challenging game to boot.

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