The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Strategy/Tactical RPGs in 2024 – SwitchArcade Special

We’ve done a list of our ten favorite strategy/tactical RPGs on the Switch before, but it’s been a couple years since then and I don’t think it’s the most shocking of news that there are a lot more great games in the genre that deserve a little highlight. As usual for our second swings at these lists, don’t take this as a replacement for the first bunch. They’re all still just as awesome as they ever were, after all. Instead, consider this an extension of that list. Time to get into ten more great S/TRPGs, as ever in no particular order.

Tactics Ogre Reborn ($49.99)

One of the most often requested games for the Switch in this genre is Final Fantasy Tactics, and sure, I would love to see that too. But besides just playing Final Fantasy Tactics elsewhere, there’s no better way to scratch that particular itch than Tactics Ogre Reborn. It’s a stellar remake of Final Fantasy Tactics‘ predecessor, with tons of options to play around with and quality of life features to tune your experience. A great story, a great game, and a great version of it.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark ($29.99)

If, however, you want to play something a little more modern and a little more indie, I would enthusiastically suggest Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark. It’s a game very much built in the style of Final Fantasy Tactics, but it has a strong identity of its own despite that. The narrative is engaging and the tactical gameplay is both challenging and compelling. This is another game that gives you a lot of mechanics to tinker with, and that’s almost always a plus for games in this genre.

The DioField Chronicle ($59.99)

Remember that period of a few months where Square Enix was releasing a new game almost every week? I feel like a lot of games got lost in the shuffle there, and The DioField Chronicle is one of them. While the game certainly has its fair share of flaws, it’s a very distinctive work in many ways. The battle system is really interesting, the presentation is excellent, and the story… the battle system is really interesting! All jokes aside, this one seems to be a love-or-hate affair, but I’m the former so I’m sticking it in this list.

Fire Emblem Engage ($59.99)

Look, there’s no sugar-coating it: this isn’t as good as Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you’re sitting there trying to decide which Switch Fire Emblem game to get, grab Three Houses first. But! But! If you love Fire Emblem‘s gameplay, you won’t go wrong with Engage. The story is pretty weak, but that happens with every second or third Fire Emblem game anyway. The gameplay, though? You get a lot of cool maps, a lot of flexibility in how you tackle them, and some interesting new gameplay quirks to mess around with. I’m hoping the next Fire Emblem game is a bit stronger, but Engage is a nice bit of fun in the meantime.

Unicorn Overlord ($59.99)

The newest release in this list, but one that you won’t want to miss. Vanillaware throws its considerable talent into making a tactical RPG, and it doesn’t miss on any aspect. A fascinating story with excellent characters and dialogue, intriguing gameplay mechanics, and a gorgeous presentation come together for a game that fans of the genre will not want to miss. It calls to mind the legendary Ogre Battle, and that is a game whose ideas don’t get revisited nearly as much as they ought to. Battles in this genre often feel somewhat small scale by necessity, but Unicorn Overlord really delivers on that big epic atmosphere that really drives home you are leading an army. Very cool.

Dark Deity ($24.99)

Here’s another indie offering, this time paying homage to a very particular era of the Fire Emblem franchise. For the Western audience, the Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem games were our first brush with the series, and it’s little wonder that they tend to occupy a special place in fans’ hearts as a result. Dark Deity is what happens if some of those fans grow up to make their own take on those games, and it’s extremely well-done. The classic feel and challenging battles make this one really stand out in the small crowd of games that have made similar attempts.

Persona 5 Tactica ($59.99)

Persona 5 has, like, twelve spin-offs at this point across various genres, and here is its entry into the tactical RPG genre. Well, it’s not as though Atlus is inexperienced in this genre. The Devil Survivor games were excellent, after all. And so is this! It doesn’t really try to up-end the genre, but it incorporates elements from Persona 5 where it can and of course benefits greatly from the presence of its characters and setting. A perfect gateway into the genre for Persona fans, and a really good game overall.

Yggdra Union ~We’ll Never Fight Alone~ ($24.99)

Another classic that has gotten a rebirth on the Switch, Yggdra Union first released on the Game Boy Advance back in 2006. The card system used in its battles was fairly uncommon at the time, and its Union system is still rather cool to this day. This rerelease seems be a descendent of the PlayStation Portable release, but it doesn’t feel horribly out of place on the Switch by any means. This is another game that isn’t going to click for everyone, but those who like it tend to like it an awful lot.

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope ($59.99)

This one is perhaps stretching the RPG part of the equation, but Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is an excellent follow-up to the approachable, highly enjoyable Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and one that I think a lot of people slept on for some reason. It builds on that game in excellent fashion, with new characters, enemies, abilities, and more in the mix. And since it’s an Ubisoft game, it’s on deep discount every few weeks or so. Good fun. Just pretend that there are more RPG bits in it so the List Police don’t get too mad at me.

Front Mission 2: Remake ($34.99)

Front Mission 2: Remake, as the name suggests, is a remake of the second main Front Mission game, but it was actually my first time playing this entry in the series. I liked Front Mission 1st Remake quite a bit despite its issues, and that was also my first taste of the original game and the series. When Front Mission 2: Remake was announced, I was glad to see more of the series come to modern platforms but was hoping it would be a better package from day one. The tactical RPG is a bit rougher around the edges than the first remake, but I enjoyed my time with it on Switch quite a bit. I recommend trying out the demo if you aren’t sure, but consider playing Front Mission 1st Remake beforehand. As with the first game, waiting for a few patches will have paid off for you. It is much better now than at launch, and it even saw a huge update arrive as recently as this month adding new game plus and improving the translation among other fixes and adjustments. -Mikhail Madnani

Hey, a nice guest appearance from our pal Mikhail at the end there. That’s the list this time, friends. What do you think? Are there any strategy/tactical RPGs missing from our lists that you would recommend? Tell us all about them in the comments below, because the whole point of these articles is to share the love. Thanks for reading!

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