Team-Based Hero Shooter ‘Star Wars Hunters’ Launches June 4th on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch

I had kind of lost track of Star Wars Hunters for a while. Originally announced by Zynga back in February of 2021, Star Wars Hunters is a team-based arena combat game that takes the form of a televised game show of sorts, and it lets you pick from a cast of original characters pulled from the Star Wars universe as you battle it out across some of the most famous Star Wars locations imaginable. It’s a nice setup for a game that allows players to bounce all around different famous Star Wars landscapes without having to make it make sense canonically, though timeline-wise the game is said to take place after Return of the Jedi and before The Force Awakens. The last we officially heard about Star Wars Hunters was when a bunch of new details were revealed in February of 2022, and I’d kind of forgotten about it in the couple of years since then. However, today Zynga has announced that Star Wars Hunters officially has a release date of June 4th, as revealed in this new cinematic trailer.

Seems kind of weird they wouldn’t push to finish things up in time to launch a month earlier on May 4th, given that that’s Star Wars Day and all, but June 4th is also a very good day and personally I’d argue it’s an even better day than Star Wars Day since June 4th is my birthday. Yes, mark that on your calendars. It’s good to know that Star Wars Hunters is still a thing and is actually launching, since often we will see a big splashy announcement for a game that goes on to spend years and years in development only to quietly die on the vine. Will this be the “Overwatch but for mobile" that people have been hoping for for the past decade? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime you can pre-register over on the game’s official website for rewards and such, and all eyes will be on Star Wars Hunters when it arrives on iOS, Android and Switch June 4th. May (June) the 4th be with you!

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