Stock Up On A Bunch Of KEMCO’s RPGs During Its April Sale, On Now

It’s that time again, friends. If you’ve got a stomach growling for some mobile RPG sustenance, if you hunger to see numbers go up and trope-ridden character arcs resolve themselves, if you need to see tragically-orphaned heroes save the world with the help of their attractive friends… KEMCO is here for you. In its April 2024 sale, the prolific publisher has several of its Android and iOS RPGs on offer for some highly sensible prices. Let’s have a look at the line-up, and I’ll give my thoughts as one of the world’s foremost Kemcologists.

As we’ve seen in other recent sales from KEMCO, there’s a mix of old and new games in this bunch. All up, we’ve got six games from the iOS catalog on sale and seven Android titles. The games are as follows:

As for my take on this bunch… nothing here is particularly exceptional, even by the standards of KEMCO’s offerings. Alvastia Chronicles is probably the most agreeable of the lot. Legna Tactica at least mixes things up by going for a turn-based tactical RPG set-up, so it might scratch an itch for you that the others might not. Grinsia has some real pain-in-the-butt dungeons, but maybe that’s your thing. Seek Hearts and Heirs of the Kings are about as generic as it gets. I appreciate the mechanics in Crystal Ortha, but it’s rather lacking in story. End of Aspiration wasn’t particularly good by the standards of its release, and an extra decade hasn’t done it any favors.

Okay, yes. Not exactly a bunch of glowing recommendations here, but for one or two dollars apiece I don’t think anyone is expecting to have their worlds rocked by these games. No, they’re here for when you need something relatively mindless to grind away at in your free time, and for that purpose they’re fine enough. Get ’em on sale if you’re going to get ’em, I say.

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