Sonic Dream Team’s Second Content Update Is Now Live on Apple Arcade Bringing In the Sweet Dreams Zone, Ranked Badges, and More

Earlier this week, I wrote about the second content update for SEGA’s Apple Arcade exclusive Sonic Dream Team () that would bring in a new zone, ranked badges, and more. The update has just gone live (or started rolling out) worldwide bringing in the cozy Sweet Dreams Zone featuring stages crated by Ariem. Ranked Badges also arrive in this update in addition to ziplines, swings, screw poles, and more. Sonic Dream Team also has new achievements and statues with today’s update. If you’ve not played it, we featured Sonic Dream Team as our Game of the Week when it released. Read Shaun’s review of it here. This is the second major content update for Sonic Dream Team. Read about the first update here from February this year. Watch the Sonic Dream Team new April 2024 content update trailer below:

If you’d like to play Sonic Dream Team, you can grab it here on the App Store for Apple Arcade. Head over to our forum thread for the game here for more discussion. With two major content updates done, I’m curious to see what comes next, and whether Apple and SEGA bring more content to the game beyond. I still think they should do collaborations with other Sonic games and time things around the movie. It remains to be seen what we get though. What do you think of Sonic Dream Team so far if you’ve played it, and what do you want to see in future updates?

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