‘Sigma Theory’ and ‘Out There’ Developer Mi-Clos Studio Has Closed

After yesterday’s good news relating to a studio we’ve followed for a long time in Vlambeer, there’s some bad news today with Mi-Clos Studio announcing that it has shut down as of 2 days ago. Hat tip to a TouchArcade reader for emailing this in because I missed the announcement before. Over the many years, Mi-Clos Studio has released quite a few great games across mobile and other platforms. These range from the game the studio is most known for, Out There to newer titles like the tactical espionage game Sigma Theory ($6.99) published by Plug in Digital. The announcement of closure was posted on Twitter and it went into the details (in French) about how Mi-Clos Studio has faced challenges before. You can read the full announcement below:

I hope everyone on the team manages to find something and land on their feet. This news remains sad and I look forward to seeing what everyone in the studio works on next. If you’d like to play the most recent release from Mi-Clos Studio, you can buy Sigma Theory on the App Store for iOS here on Google Play for Android here through Plug in Digital. The developer’s iOS games aren’t listed anymore, but Steam releases are still up here. It is unclear if these will still be up to buy in the near future. You can also check out the Android page here. What was your favorite Mi-Clos Studio release?

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