New ‘Crashlands 2’ Cinematic Trailer Sets the Stage for this Upcoming Sequel to Our 2016 Game of the Year

In June of last year, just a few days after my birthday, developer Butterscotch Shenanigans surprise announced Crashlands 2, a sequel to our 2016 Game of the Year Crashlands and one of the very best mobile action RPGs to date. I tell myself that the announcement was a slightly belated birthday present to me, because that makes me feel special. Another big surprise in that announcement was that Crashlands 2 would be launching on mobile exclusively through Netflix Games, and that it would also be simultaneously launching on PC through Steam at some point this year. But what’s the setup for this new game? What’s going on with Flux and Juicebox since their original adventures? Well, the Butterscotch bros are looking to peel the curtain back on that just a bit with this brand new cinematic trailer for Crashlands 2.

As you can read if you venture over to YouTube and check out the description for the video, Flux went on to become a semi-celebrity after the heroic events of the first Crashlands, and travelled the galaxy doing interviews and meet-and-greets like some sort of almost-forgotten child actor from the ’80s that was in that one famous movie that one time. This was fun at first but eventually wore poor Flux out, so her and Juicebox decided to head back to their home planet to bask in the warmth and love of their friends and ride out the rest of their days on their former glory. But, well, their arrival didn’t quite go as planned. I’m unbelievably excited for Crashlands 2 and can’t wait for some sort of announcement about its release date, which as far as I know should still be sometime this year.

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