The Best ‘Marvel Snap’ Meta Decks – March 2024 Edition

The latest season has had some time to settle in, and that means it’s time for our latest Marvel Snap (Free) deck-building guide. This has been a chaotic month for the meta, with some serious nerfs shifting the ground under some players’ feet. Not many players have been able to keep their decks intact and maintain their win records, which means we really need to have a new look at things. Remember as ever: today’s winning deck could be tomorrow’s skunky green beer. These guides are one way to keep your finger on the pulse of the scene, but they aren’t the only method you should be using.

Note that most of these decks are the best of the best at this point in time. They assume you have access to a full range of cards. I’ll once again be including the five strongest Marvel Snap decks of the moment, and I’ll throw in a couple more decks that don’t need things that are too hard to get and are just sort of fun to play with. You know, a little variety and all of that.

The Black Order definitely made their presence felt, though the Season Pass card was probably the least of them. Discard decks have never been stronger, and one has to believe the stick is coming for them sooner or later. Well, that’s a problem for next month. Speaking of, Hope Summers is already looking like she’s going to be a mainstay in many decks from here on out. Probably the best Season Pass card we’ve seen since Elsa hit the scene. We’ll have to see how the rest of the Avengers vs X-Men cards play out, though I’ll say that Pixie is looking like a dud so far. Okay, on to the decks!

Destroy Deadpool

Included Cards: Deadpool, X-23, Nico Minoru, Carnage, Wolverine, Hulkbuster, Killmonger, Deathlok, Shang-Chi, Venom, Knull, Death

Not much has changed with the Destroy deck this month, but Alioth has fallen by the wayside in favor of Shang-Chi as a late-game spoiler. Forge has also lost his spot in favor of Deathlok, adding one more means of destroying Deadpool over the second-turn buff. Despite the changes, you’ll still play this the same way. Keep on destroying Deadpool to buff him up and feed Venom and Knull while knocking down the price of Death. Shang-Chi is not only a good spoiler for your opponent’s big plays, but will also pump up Knull at your enemy’s expense. Will this month finally see a nerf for this old reliable? I doubt it!

Thanos & Lockjaw

Included Cards: Psylocke, Mobius M. Mobius, Hope Summers, Shang-Chi, Lockjaw, Cull Obsidian, Devil Dinosaur, Vision, Blob, Thanos, Skaar, Magneto

I hope you’ve been keeping up on your new cards, because you’ll need to be very current to play this one. Lockjaw got a mild nerf this month, but it isn’t enough to stop him from dominating using strong cards or ones with useful On Reveal abilities. Nothing fancy in how this one plays out. Get the stones out there to beef up Thanos and give yourself a lot of benefits, use Psylocke and Hope to build up free Energy, try to swap some of those stones for extremely powerful cards, and use cards like Shang-Chi and Mobius to protect yourself. Unless your opponent is specifically prepared to counter this exact deck type, you’re going to rack up a lot of easy wins.

Apocalypse Discard

Included Cards: Blade, Morbius, The Collector, Swarm, Gambit, Corvus Glaive, Lady Sif, Dracula, Proxima Midnight, MODOK, Helicarrier, Apocalypse

Sure, there are a couple of Black Order cards included in here, but this is another relatively basic deck archetype that is performing ridiculously well. You have a few vectors for building up power here. Morbius gets stronger the more you discard. The Collector gets more powerful as you add to your hand by slicing up Swarm, Apocalypse, and the Helicarrier. Hopefully you’ll be making Apocalypse stronger as you go, with the ideal case being that he is the last thing remaining in your hand at the end of the final turn, with Dracula in play. Drac will eat Apocalypse, which will send him back to your hand, buffing up Morb, The Collector, and Dracula himself all in one fell swoop.

Hela Discard

Included Cards: Morbius, Swarm, Colleen Wing, Gambit, Corvus Glaive, Dracula, Lockjaw, MODOK, Hela, Apocalypse, Magneto, The Infinaut

Seriously, Discard is a very hot deck type right now. This version of it leans more towards discarding some powerful stuff you wouldn’t normally be able to play in a single game, and then using Hela at the end to drag them into the field. Naturally, this requires you to not slice up Hela and not accidentally play her too early, but there is some insurance here in the form of Morbius, Dracula, Apocalypse, and Lockjaw in case she doesn’t work out for you. Another fairly easy deck to play, and if you don’t have Corvus yet you can always fill his spot with someone else of use.

Hope Summers Move

Included Cards: Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Angela, Kraven, Elsa Bloodstone, Jeff, Silk, Hope Summers, Spider-Man, Vision, Alioth, Doctor Doom

Second Dinner has been trying to push Move decks for a while now, and with the addition of Hope Summers it seems like the developer has finally succeeded. Play a card where Hope is located to get +1 Energy next turn. Normally you’d be limited to three extra Energy points out of this, but with Move cards you can play them and make way for the next ones the whole game. This will also allow you to buff up Angela and Kraven, abuse Elsa Bloodstone’s buffing abilities, and get all your big cards out whenever you like. Alioth is your main insurance policy here, so make sure you keep the initiative or else it will be worthless.

And now, a couple of fun decks for those still climbing up the collection ladder or who simply want to try something different.

Mister Negative & Mr. Tribunal

Included Cards: Zabu, Ravonna Renslayer, Mystique, Magik, Mister Negative, Jubilee, Super Skrull, Iron Man, Blue Marvel, Sera, Onslaught, The Living Tribunal

I’ve been having fun with Mister Negative decks in general the last few months, and this one is a neat build that can catch people off-guard. It’s your usual Mister Negative deck in some ways – you want to get Negative out ASAP to flip your deck, allowing you to get some very strong cards out very quickly. One of the keys here is the Iron Man/Mystique double play on a single location, which will quadruple its Power. Finish it off with The Living Tribunal to split the Power across all three locations and walk away with your win. No one ever sees The Living Tribunal coming, so as long as you’re careful with your math this can be a pretty reliable deck.

Devil Dinosaur Destroyer

Included Cards: Nova, Agent 13, Bucky Barnes, Carnage, The Collector, Sentinel, Killmonger, Deathlok, Moon Girl, Enchantress, Devil Dinosaur, Odin

A slightly different one for those starting out, this month. It’s a cross between a Destroy type deck, with Carnage, Deathlok, and Killmonger giving you ways to remove Nova and Agent 13 from the board and activate the Winter Soldier, and a Devil Dinosaur deck, with Moon Girl, Sentinel, and Agent 13 adding to your hand and buffing up the big dino. The Collector can also benefit from such actions, and Enchantress can help you shut down Armor or other counters. A little trickier to use than most decks we put in our starter section, but I have faith in you.

And that’s it for this month’s deck guide. We’ll return with another one of these in April to see where things stand after the Avengers vs X-Men event has fully played out and a month’s worth of balance changes have done their thing. It’s going to be interesting to see what these new cards bring to the table, but I suspect the biggest swings will come from whatever balance changes Second Dinner makes. Happy Snapping!

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