Cozy Puzzle Adventure ‘Lonesome Village’ Coming to iOS April 11th, Pre-Orders Available Now

Last month developer Ogre Pixel brought their cozy sticker-based mini-adventure A Tiny Sticker Tale to iOS following its well-received release on PC and consoles, and now they are doing the same with their similarly cozy puzzle adventure game Lonesome Village. Originally launched on PC, Switch, and Xbox back in November of 2022, Lonesome Village has been likened to early The Legend of Zelda games with its top-down perspective and puzzle-laden dungeons to crawl through. Except here there’s no combat to speak of, and all your dungeon crawling is mashed up with life sim elements as you work to free villagers from a mysterious tower and rebuild the town you all live in. Kind of a Stardew Valley meets Zelda minus combat, I guess? Check out the charming trailer.

As already mentioned, Lonesome Village has been available on other platforms for some time now, and it has garnered a positive reception for its super chill and almost relaxing puzzle-based adventuring. Like A Tiny Sticker Tale it’s not a terribly long game or anything, but that’s more than alright by me I say as I eye my never-ending backlog. This also feels like a game that will be well-suited to mobile. The plan is to release the iOS version of Lonesome Village on April 11th, and if you so desire you can pre-order the game right now for a price of $5.99 so you can be on the forefront of playing this mobile version when it hits. I myself really enjoyed A Tiny Sticker Tale so am very looking forward to Lonesome Village’s iOS release in just a couple of weeks.

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