The Superlative ‘Hades’ From Supergiant Games Has Soft Launched on iOS via Netflix Games

Back in November, Netflix announced that Supergiant Games’ superb rogue-like Hades would be coming to iOS through its new games initiative. What was notable about this announcement barring Hades being one of the best games in recent years across all platforms, was that this would be a Netflix Games release only on iOS with no Android version announced. I played and loved the original Hades on Steam, Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X since launch, and always figured a mobile version might happen later on with how good Transistor is on iOS. I didn’t expect it through Netflix but here we are. Today, Hades has soft launched in the Philippines on Netflix. This follows Sonic Mania that is yet to release worldwide on iOS and Android. Hades for iOS offers fully customizable touchscreen controls and controller support. Watch the Hades Netflix trailer for iOS below:

As of now, Hades is available in the Philippines on iOS. If you’d like to try it via this soft launch, grab it here on the App Store. Check out our forum thread for it here. Regardless of the service or price, I will be playing Hades on every single platform, and will be checking this out the moment it gets its full launch on iOS. Until then, I recommend playing it on Steam Deck if you have the option. It is a stunner on the Steam Deck OLED as well with 90fps support and more. Have you played Hades on console or PC so far, and will you be trying it out on Netflix when it eventually launches worldwide?

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