The Merry Meadow Arrives and Springtime Celebration is Set to Begin in ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventure’ on Apple Arcade

Sunblink and Sanrio’s cozy live sim and Apple Arcade exclusive Hello Kitty Island Adventure continues to grow and grow with regular updates since its initial release last July, and this latest update is perhaps the biggest one yet. Version 1.5 adds the Merry Meadow, a brand new area that is “full to the brim with fantastic flowers, charming cottages, and hidden hideaways to uncover." You’ll also be able to meet a new friend, which the update notes are trying to keep a secret but the trailer gives it away so what the heck: It’s the adorable rabbit Wish me mell. You’ll need to work to unlock her and then earn her trust and friendship, but once you do you’ll be able to plant and harvest flowers using the Merry Meadow’s new flower planting system. “Plant, pluck, and decorate the island with beautiful flowers to pursue rare and special varieties."

The Merry Meadow is unlocked today, but in a little over a week the latest event The Springtime Celebration will kick off. Running from March 2nd to April 14th you’ll see that all the island’s trees are in full bloom, and “players can join Hello Kitty and Friends to collect petals all around the island and exchange them for beautiful Japanese-inspired decor and fashion, including their very own kimono." All this and more awaits players in version 1.5, and let me tell you, it is so much fun talking about these types of things in a game that is not free to play. It’s like… “here, enjoy this new stuff!" instead of “hurry up and grind your battle pass or you’ll miss out on these limited time cool things and you’ll literally die from FOMO!" I’ll take having to subscribe to Apple Arcade over that type of thing any day.

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