The Latest ‘Marvel Snap’ Update Introduces the Galactic Carnival Event and More

The Black Order has arrived in Marvel Snap (Free), bringing new cards and locations to the game as we usually see when a new season arrives. Also fairly typical for a new season, an update has come with it. It adds some new features, fixes a bunch of bugs, and makes some balance tweaks to a few characters. But we get a little something more in this one, friends. Alongside the new season, we’ve also got a new event to enjoy: the Galactic Carnival. Settle on in and we’ll have a look at all this together!

Well, we might as well start with the unusual thing first. The Galactic Carnival event sees you tackling daily challenges to earn Carnival Masks. As you reach certain thresholds, you’ll be awarded with some nifty prizes. Each day you can earn up to eight Masks, and you’ll need to get fifty-two to get everything. Rewards include 200 Credits, 200 Gold, three Gold Conquest Tickets, and a Mystery Variant card. The Galactic Carnival event will wrap up on February 17th, so get while the getting is good.

Okay, over to the usual stuff. Let’s start with the balance changes, of which there are only a few. Omega Red’s ability gets a tweak to make him a little more useful. Instead of having to be ahead by 10 Power points at a location to earn +4 at the others, you need only be winning at the location by any amount to earn +3 at the others. A little less Power, but a lot easier to set up. Beast’s stats return to 2/2 instead of 3/4, but his ability takes a minor hit. Returned cards will only have -1 Cost for the next turn, so you can’t stockpile them. Finally, the Helicarrier gets a little buff to its ability. Now when you discard it, you’ll fill your hand with random cards instead of just getting three of them.

Apart from that, there are some new visual effects for Silver Samurai, Psylocke, X-23, and Bucky Barnes. Silver Samurai and X-23 also get some sound effects, for all you weirdos that play with the sound on. There are a lot of useful bug fixes in the patch as well, but a few still remain. A never-ending job, that one. And while it has gone unsaid, this update also brings in the Black Order season. Already on, that one. Go get your Black Swan and all that.

That’s all there is to this update, which is a rather low key one compared to some other updates that accompanied new seasons. But we get that Galactic Carnival event, so it’s hard to complain too much. How do you feel about this one? Are you using any of the cards that got adjusted? Will you be trying to complete the Galactic Carnival? If you have any thoughts, the comments are waiting below for you. Our new deck building guide should be up soon, so do look forward to that.

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