‘Hearthstone’ 10th Anniversary Celebration Event and New Whizbang’s Workshop Expansion Revealed, New Update Now Live

Blizzard just pushed out a major update for Hearthstone (Free) earlier today bringing in support for the 10th anniversary celebration event, support for prepurchasing the new expansion, and more. The newest game expansion “Whizbang’s Workshop" launches worldwide on March 19th bringing in 145 new cards including throwback cards, the Miniaturize keyword, the new Zilliax Deluxe 3000 customizable card, and more. Prepurchasing the expansion nets you 2 copies of Corridor Sleeper, an early access Epic card from Whizbang’s Workshop. Watch the Hearthstone Whizbang’s Workshop expansion announcement trailer below:

Alongside support for the expansion in the update, a 10th anniversary event will go live later this month. From February 27th until March 19th, you will be able to take part in the celebration event in game to earn experience on a special rewards track to earn golden versions of “Gift" cards and a Birthday coin.

Today’s update also has one mobile-specific change worth highlighting. The modular download project for mobile now allows players to either selectively download or delete Battlegrounds through the download manager. Check out all the patch notes for Heartstone update 28.6 here. The official Hearthstone Whizbang’s Workshop announcement post from Blizzard is here. If you haven’t grabbed Hearthstone yet, check it out here on the App Store. You can pre-order the expansion here for $79.99 or $49.99 depending on the bundle and also grab it in app. Do you play Hearthstone often?

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