Following its Removal from Apple Arcade ‘Slash Quest’ will be Returning to iOS and Debuting on Android and Steam this Summer

Back in the fall of 2020 (boy, that feels like a long time ago) developers Big Green Pillow and Mother Gaia in conjunction with publisher Noodlecake released their new title Slash Quest onto the App Store as part of Apple Arcade. The premise was wonderful: The game stars a sentient sword, named Swordie, who is separated from its owner, the Queen. A humble shepherd, named Shep, happens across the sword and vows to return it to its owner. Except Shep isn’t really the one running the show, as Swordie has a mighty will of its own and a desperation to be reunited with the Queen, and so Shep is more or less dragged along for the ride as Swordie barrels across the land fighting foes and looking for its owner. Oh, and did I mention that Swordie can also grow to comically large sizes? Check out the trailer.

Slash Quest was a quirky and fun entry to the Apple Arcade library, but as is the case with a number of the game’s that have graced Apple’s gaming subscription service, not all of them stick around forever. Slash Quest was removed from Apple Arcade last September, which is a bummer for Apple Arcade subscribers, but awesome news for everyone else as the game is now coming back to the App Store as a regular release as well as coming to Android and Steam in addition to iOS. More people get to slash! More people get to quest! More people get to play Slash Quest! There is no release date announced other than the vague “this summer" but you can Wishlist Slash Quest over on its Steam page and we’ll keep an eye out for a more specific release window in the coming weeks.

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