‘Wyrmspan’ Is a New ‘Wingspan’ Inspired Board Game About Dragons and We Hope It Gets a Digital Adaptation in the Near Future

We recently had the digital version of Wingspan finally get the Oceania Expansion via Monster Couch on all platforms. With this release, the digital version of the amazing board game is just one expansion behind. The publisher of the physical version of Wingspan just announced a brand new Wingspan inspired board game today in the form of Wyrmspan. As the name suggests, Wyrmspan is about dragons, and it has been designed by Apiary creator Connie Vogelmann and developed by Elizabeth Hargrave (Wyrmspan). This new board game has you playing as an amateur dracologist in the world of Wyrmspan where all kinds of dragons fly. You begin in a sanctuary with 3 excavated spaces in Wyrmspan. Your aim is to excavate additional spaces, entice dragons to come over, and earn the favor of the Dragon Guild. Watch the Wyrmspan teaser trailer below:

Wyrmspan is currently set to launch later this month on Stonemeier Games’ website. A digital release has not been announced, but I hope Monster Couch works on one in the near future and brings it to iOS as well. This isn’t compatible with Wingspan, and is a standalone game with unique elements. If you’ve not played Wingspan yet, read my review of the iOS release of Wingspan here. Check it out on Google Play for Android here and on the App Store for iOS here. Head over to our forum thread for the game here. Check out the official website for the game here. What do you think of Wyrmspan so far and will you be getting the physical game?

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