TouchArcade’s Best of 2023 Full Round-Up: Mobile, Switch, and Steam Deck

Happy Friday, and Happy New Year! This is traditionally a very dead time for mobile gaming news and new releases, and 2024 has not bucked that trend. I didn’t bother doing a new games round-up on Wednesday since there were only 3 new releases that I could find, so I’ll just roll those into next week’s round-up. But that also meant that with no new games, there can’t be a Game of the Week. So in lieu of a Game of the Week I figured I’d do a post that rounds up all of our Best of 2023 coverage across all the platforms we write about here: Mobile, Switch, and Steam Deck. In addition to covering the mobile side of things, my partners in crime here at TouchArcade Shaun and Mikhail handle the bulk of those additional platforms. As you probably know Shaun is the “Switch guy" and Mikhail is the “Steam Deck guy" and they both pumped out a number of cool Best Of lists for both platforms. So here they all are, in one handy location for your viewing pleasure ahead of the coming weekend.

All Platforms


Nintendo Switch

Steam Deck

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