‘The Valley of the Architects’, the New Title from ‘Widower’s Sky’ Developer Whaleo, is in Open Beta and Coming Soon

One of the more aesthetically pleasing games I’ve encountered over the years is Widower’s Sky from developer Whaleo, a game we first spotted way back in early 2016 and followed along until it finally released in the fall of 2019. The visuals and especially the narrative elements really stood out in Widower’s Sky, and after such a long development cycle I was excited to see what would come next from this mostly solo developer. Well it was actually close to two years ago that the first glimpses of that next project, called The Valley of the Architects, were unveiled in our forums in April of 2022. Now as that two year mark approaches since its announcement, it looks like the finish line is finally just about in sight for The Valley of the Architects. Like Widower’s Sky before it, this is one seriously gorgeous game with a heavy emphasis on story and narration, check out the first trailer.

The description of the game reads “Follow architectural writer Liz on a journey through Africa to uncover the secrets of a lost and forgotten Architect. Using your problem solving skills, overcome each puzzle and slowly unwrap the story of a lifetime." The elevator-heavy puzzles give me a very old-school vibe, while just about everything else about the game screams modern and impressive. I like that mix. While no release date has been announced, you can help with the final testing of the game by sending the developer a message in our forums. PC people can also Wishlist the game over on Steam. Once The Valley of the Architects does have a confirmed release date we’ll be sure to let you know.

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