The Best Upcoming Mobile Games We Want to Play on iOS in 2024

Just like I’m doing with Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, I’ve to put together a list of the best upcoming mobile games from 2024 that I want to play on iOS. These include games that have a date, ports from existing platforms, those without a release date, and more. I’ve also included a mix of free to play, games in subscription services, and premium games here. As with other lists, this is in no particular order.

The best upcoming mobile games we want to play on iOS in 2024

Death Stranding Director’s Cut

This was set to release by the end of 2023, but was sadly delayed. Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding is a unique and incredible experience with its atmosphere, addictive gameplay loop, superb music, and stunning visuals. I can’t wait to see how it looks and runs on iPhone 15 Pro when it launches in early 2024, and hopefully I get to play it using the new Backbone controller.

Katana Zero

Katana Zero arrives soon via Netflix Games, and it will bring the stylish action platformer with excellent music and gameplay to mobile for the first time. I’ve played this multiple times, and will be replaying it on iOS to see how it feels with touch controls. It is a game I see myself coming back to for years, and I hope we get a release date for the game and DLC soon.

SaGa Emerald Beyond

I’m trying to avoid reading too much about SaGa Emerald Beyond, because I want to be surprised when I finally play it. I can’t believe we are getting a new mainline SaGa game this year, and one that ships on just about every console, PC, and mobile platform together. Hopefully it manages to reach the highs or surpass SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions which remains one of the most unique and interesting RPGs in years.

Art of Rally

Art of Rally was also set for 2023, but was pushed to early in January. It is an elegant, relaxing, and stylish racing game that is getting a mobile release through Noodlecake Games with the DLC included. This one potentially could be one of the best looking racing games on the platform, and I will be playing it as soon as possible.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Assassin’s Creed Mirage was announced for iPhone 15 Pro alongside Death Stranding and the Resident Evil games. After Ubisoft released super long RPGs, the team went back to the basics for Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and it is a great take on the classic Assassin’s Creed formula by all accounts. I’m mostly curious about this one to see how Ubisoft’s engine scales on iPhone 15 Pro. Hopefully we get a release date soon and Ubisoft considers bringing Immortals Fenyx Rising to iOS as well.


Digital Extreme’s Warframe keeps getting better with each update, and 2023 saw it finally get cross platform saves and more. This year, Warframe hits iOS, and I’m excited to play it with my progress carrying over, and also potentially having the best portable version to complement playing it on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Hopefully this ends up getting a good port.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat

While I’m not sure how much I’ll play it, I’m curious to see how Devil May Cry Peak of Combat translates Devil May Cry’s stylish combat to a touchscreen, and also how it manages to bring over the characters I love from the series to a new game. I didn’t bother playing the betas so the final release in a few weeks will be the first time I play Devil May Cry Peak of Combat.


Supergiant Games’ amazing Hades comes to iOS through Netflix Games in 2024, and I’m excited to play it for dozens of hours once again. I already did almost everything the game has to offer on Switch and Steam Deck, and have been replaying it on PS5 and Xbox since those versions were released. Hades might be one of Netflix’s best additions if it is a good port.

Zenless Zone Zero

HoYoverse’s action RPG Zenless Zone Zero has been fun to play through its recent beta, but I’m looking forward to its full release so I can properly get into it on console and mobile together. I’m not sure how I’ll manage playing it, Honkai Star Rail, and Genshin together, but Zenless Zone Zero has a lot of potential. In a lot of ways Zenless Zone Zero reminds me of Bandai Namco’s Scarlet Nexus which I loved, and I hope this one delivers.

Braid Anniversary Edition

Braid was one of the early indie game successes, and it is going to be interesting to revisit it through this enhanced version on mobile via Netflix Games. There have been many puzzle games I’ve ended up rating higher than Braid, but I’m curious to see how this feels after all these years, and to check out the new content.


No Man’s Sky

Come on Sean. Please just release No Man’s Sky on iOS this year. I’ve been waiting patiently since the announcement back in 2022. No Man’s Sky hit macOS already, and I’m hoping it comes not only to iPad, but also to iPhones this year. A date hasn’t been announced yet, but I feel like we will see it at an Apple event in the future with it also coming to iPhone. Let’s see if I’m right about that.

I can’t wait to see what else we get on mobile in 2024 through standalone releases, iPhone 15 Pro series games, potentially more ports, Apple Arcade releases, Netflix Games, Crunchyroll Game Vault releases, and more. What are you looking forward to playing on mobile in 2024?

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