Smash Puny Opponents Today in the New ‘Marvel Snap’ Planet Hulk Season

You know what was a really good comic event? Planet Hulk. That was some really good stuff, even if you don’t usually go in for the Jade Giant’s adventures. It was so good, it was used as the basis of the one Thor movie most people liked. And now Marvel Snap (Free) has decided to take a trip to Planet Hulk in its latest season. If you like decks that serve as absolute Power wrecking balls, you’re going to dig this one. Let’s take a look at all the details of this latest season.

Now, as usual, Ben Brode of Second Dinner has a pretty funny video up explaining all the ins and outs in an entertaining way, and if you can give that a watch I do recommend it. But some of you can’t watch a video right now, so here is Shaun with all of the important info and none of the comedy. Some have the gift and some do not. Let’s start as usual with the new Season Pass card, since that is ostensibly the most important one.

It’s Skaar! You know, Hulk’s little boy. He’s not actually very little. Hulk’s well-fed boy. He’s a 6-Cost 11-Power card, which makes him a little less awesome than Dad but a little more awesome than his second cousin. But! But! Like She-Hulk, Skaar has a handy little ability. Basically, for every card you have with 10 or more Power, Skaar costs 2 less Energy to play. He goes very well with Hulks, in other words. And as you’ll soon see, he goes well with some other new playmates.

Next is Caiera, Skaar’s mother and the tragically deceased Mrs. Hulk. Or maybe he’s Mr. Caiera, I don’t really know. What I do know is that Caiera is a real game-changer. See, the problem with all of these beefy Hulks is that they are very susceptible to the monster-squashing powers of the notorious Shang-Chi. But with Caiera, Hulks have nothing to fear. She has the Ongoing ability of making it so your 1-Cost and 6-Cost cards at any location can’t be destroyed. Wowza. The 1-Cost thing makes her tricky to deploy in a standard destroyer deck, but I’m sure players will find plenty of uses for this 3-Cost 4-Power fighter.

Speaking of fighters, here’s Hercules. Hercules, hero of song and story, Hercules, winner of ancient glory. Wait, not that Hercules. The Marvel one. He’s a 4-Cost 6-Power card with an interesting ability. The first time another card moves to his location on a turn, he’ll move it to another location. Kind of a Fastball Special, and I think that move deck users will enjoy it. We’ve also got Miek, a 1-Cost 1-Power card who gains +1 Power and moves after any turn where you discard cards. Rounding out the move supporters is none other than the Grandmaster, a 2-Cost 0-Power card with an On Reveal ability that moves one other On Reveal card at the same location to the middle location and triggers its ability again. Neat.

Finally, there’s Beta Ray Bill. Yes, the horsey Thor. Nobody hates Beta Ray Bill, and Marvel Snap players will find a lot to like in him. He’s a 4-Cost 5-Power card with the On Reveal ability to add Stormbringer to your deck. As for Stormbringer, it’s a 0-Cost 1-Power card with the On Reveal ability to double Beta Ray Bill’s power. Better than Thor? Or a great new friend to Thor? I’ll let you all sort it out, but I foresee Bill showing up in many of the same places we see Thor today.

Finally, a couple of new locations. The Great Portal is another helping friend to people building power-heavy decks. It adds a random card with 10 or more Power to your hand, and that could be very interesting. The other new location is the Crown City, which is another location that rewards whoever controls it. In this case, if you’re winning you’ll get +4 Power at adjacent locations. Very nice if this one happens to be in the middle, but free Power is free Power wherever it lands. Throw in a bunch of new variants, bundles, and another set of Twitch Drops later in the month, and that’s about the size of the update.

Anyway, that’s it for the Planet Hulk season in Marvel Snap. It will be interesting to see which cards end up jumping out in the meta, because there are always some unpredictable outcomes. Many of the cards seem aimed at beefing up move-based decks, but Caiera looks like she could be the biggest spoiler of the bunch for decks of all kinds. Well, we’ll let the dust settle a little before diving into our January deck building guide. Look for that early next week, provided I can keep myself out of the hospital. What do you think of this new season? Let us know in the comments below!

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