PlatinumGames’ Action Game ‘World of Demons’ Is Leaving Apple Arcade on January 18th, Will Be Unplayable After February 1st

PlatinumGames just announced that its Apple Arcade exclusive action game World of Demons () will be leaving the service on January 18th. If you never followed it before, World of Demons was originally a free to play game set for mobile, but it was changed to be a premium game for Apple Arcade. It even had a soft launch in select countries before going to Apple Arcade back in 2021. World of Demons brings players into a world of yokai with a gorgeous aesthetic. Since launching on Apple Arcade, it never saw any major updates, and I always wondered if added story content or battles were planned. Watch the trailer for it below:

If you’d like to play World of Demons before it leaves Apple Arcade, you can grab it here until January 18th. It will be unplayable for everyone from February 1st. As of this writing, a port to any other platform or a standalone iOS release hasn’t been announced by PlatinumGames. I hope it does see a port to Steam and Switch in the future though. Check out our World of Demons forum thread from the game’s launch back in April 2021 here. Did you play and enjoy PlatinumGames’ Apple Arcade exclusive action game before, or will you be trying it before it is removed from the service?

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