‘Old School RuneScape’ Official HD Mode Revealed in New Trailer for iOS, Android, and PC

Over the weekend, developer Jagex revealed an official HD mode coming to Old School RuneScape on mobile and PC platforms. This was announced during the Winter Summit 2024 for the game that also had a roadmap and more revealed. The official HD mode will be available as an option for improved visuals, lighting, effects, textures, and more as shown in the announcement trailer. The trailer also confirms that you will be able to switch between the new and old style easily. A release date for the Old School RuneScape Official HD mode is yet to be announced. Watch the announcement video with gameplay and comparisons below:

The official Old School RuneScape HD Mode announcement also confirms that players will be able to use the 117Scape and HDOS after the official HD mode releases. There has been no policy change on alternative clients. With this update, the team will be able to do more with the game client as well. Old School RuneScape HD Mode will run using Runetek, but with upgrades. Check out more comparison images with the slider on the official announcement page here. Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are available on PC, iOS, and Android devices. Check out the official website here for both games. Do you play Old School RuneScape on mobile or PC often and what do you think of the official HD mode?

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