No Official ‘Palworld’ Mobile Version Is Available, Pocketpair Warns Against Installing Unaffiliated Games

If you’ve not kept up with the console and PC games side of things in the last few weeks, you’d have missed Pocketpair’s Palworld survival game that has seen record breaking numbers on Steam. It debuted as an early access game on January 19th for Steam and Xbox platforms, and has exploded in success on Steam selling over 8 million copies on the platform. Originally thought to be Pokemon with guns, Palworld ended up releasing and felt more like the survival game ARK by all accounts from people I know playing it. I don’t care for survival games like it and don’t enjoy most Pokemon games so didn’t bother playing it yet. Before getting too off topic here, Palworld developer Pocketpair just posted on Twitter to warn players that there is no official mobile version of Palworld, and that any listing using the name or Palworld images is not affiliated with Pocketpair. Pocketpair also warns against installing any of these games and is working with Google and Apple.

Pocketpair goes on to warn Palworld players that downloading any of these unaffiliated apps may lead to information information being leaked or fraud. As of this writing, Palworld is available on Steam, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles. The Xbox One version is very rough as covered by Digital Foundry here. If you do want to play it, it seems like the PC version on Steam is the best version of the game right now. Check it out here. If you do end up playing it, let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Have you played Palworld yet?

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