‘Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch’ Android Release Date Revealed, First of Multiple Ports

Last January, SoMoGa’s excellent port of Lunar, Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch ($9.99) on iOS got a major update bringing new features, performance improvements, and a lot more. Today, the developer announced that it is bringing Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch to Android as a part of a larger multiplatform approach that will span old and new titles as detailed on the website. The Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch Android release date (via Pocket Gamer) is set for January 26th. Check out a screenshot from the iOS version below:

The official website mentions another announcement expected later in spring with more details for Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch to be announced soon. The other titles haven’t been revealed, but I’m going to hope for a port of Lunar: Eternal Blue hitting mobile in the future. It might not be likely, but we all can hope right? Until then, you can buy Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch on the App Store for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS here. It is a premium game. I assume the Android version will follow the same pricing, and we potentially could get a launch celebration discount. Have you played Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch since it launched over a decade ago on iOS, or did you get into it recently with its big update last year?

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