‘Gears Forever’ is the Endless Spiritual Successor to the Fantastic 2011 Steampunk Ball Roller ‘Gears’, Launching Across the World Now

A mobile classic is making its return tomorrow, or more likely sometime later today and maybe even right this second based on how time zones work. Gears Forever is the new follow-up to the original Gears, which was launched by Mobile Game Garage and Crescent Moon Games way back in 2011. It’s a ball-rolling game, but like a NEXT LEVEL ball rolling game. That’s a genre that’s always been popular on iOS devices due to the ability to use the accelerometer to control your ball rolling, but in the case of the original Gears, despite having a tilt-control option, it was really its excellent swipe-based controls that made it feel so good to play. That’s something we highlighted in our original 5 star review of the game from 2011. Here’s a quick glimpse at the new Gears Forever.

So the biggest fundamental change to the Gears formula in Gears Forever is that this is an endless version of the game. It features three world themes based off the original game, The Brass Menagerie, Rivers of Magma, and the Cavern of Omens, but it’s not a level-based game as the first one was. I’m very interested to see how this plays out, as the level designs in the first Gears were fantastic but once you mastered them that was kind of it. An endless version seems like a really good way to keep the fun rolling. You see what I did there? Gears Forever is available to pre-order in the App Store right now with a January 17th release date, which means we’ll see it here in the US around 11pm ET but if you live somewhere where it’s already the 17th then you can check it out right this minute.

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