Fashionverse From Tilting Point and Hilfiger Ventures Is Now Available on iOS, Android, and Netflix for Mobile

Tilting Point and Hilfiger Ventures just released the previously-announced interactive fashion game Fashionverse on iOS, Android, and also Netflix Games for mobile. Fashionverse was revealed by Netflix last month as one of the service’s upcoming mobile games. It has now launched not only on Netflix, but also as a standalone free to play release on both iOS and Android. Your aim in Fashionverse is to make curated fashion sets in the Stylist mode or mood boards in Trendsetter mode with other players voting on your creations. Watch the trailer via the Google Play page below:

Fashionverse is also planned to have virtual Pop-Ups as events in collaboration with brands across fashion, art, and more. Fashionverse is yet another Tilting Point mobile game hitting a gaming subscription service, but it is interesting to see it also be available standalone. If you’d like to play Fashionverse, you can grab the standalone release on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. If you have a Netflix subscription, you can download it through Netflix’s publisher page to play with no added in app purchases. The standalone free game includes various in app purchases of tokens, a season pass, giveaways, and more as detailed on the App Store page. Are you going to play Fashionverse on iOS, Android, or Netflix today?

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