‘Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat’ Download Available and Launch Trailer Released Ahead of Servers Going Live Tomorrow

The long and winding saga of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is finally coming to a head, as the game is now available to download to your device with servers for the game going live at 7am ET tomorrow morning, January 10th. This mobile entry in the famed Devil May Cry series has been in the works for years now, taking on various forms and going through all manner of beta tests and soft launches. I believe it was about this time last year that the name was officially unveiled as Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat and that Capcom and partner developer NebulaJoy started actually showing off what the game would look like and revealing new details. After more beta testing and a pre-order period over the course of 2023, the release date for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat was revealed last month to be January 10th. A brand new launch trailer has been released to celebrate this occasion.

Now, it’s not quite January 10th yet, but if you were among those to pre-order Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat on iOS since it became available to do so back in June, then you might have been surprised to see the icon starting at your from your device today. Yes, the game is now available to download, but as these free to play games tend to do, the servers aren’t live yet so there’s not much you can do inside the game other than stare at Dante’s rock hard abs. And hey, no judgement here. As mentioned there’s a countdown clock inside the game that should end at 7am ET tomorrow morning, but in the meantime if you want to get the downloading of 3+GB out of the way early you can grab the game from the iOS App Store here and the Google Play Store here. You can also hop over to the game’s discussion thread in our forums to talk about this one ahead of the servers going online.

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