‘Death Stranding Director’s Cut’ Now Available to Pre-Order for $39.99, Expected Release Date of January 31st

At Apple’s big iPhone 15 event this past September there were several high-profile AAA games that were announced as coming to iOS devices and Mac. Resident Evil: Village and Resident Evil 4 Remake have both launched already, with Assassin’s Creed Mirage still slated for sometime this year. The final big game was Death Stranding Director’s Cut, and while it was originally supposed to arrive before the end of 2023, it was delayed to “early 2024" about halfway through December. Well, if a new App Store page is any indication, we won’t have to wait much further because Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now available for pre-order at a price of $39.99 and its expected release date is listed as January 31st. Here’s the trailer from when the game launched on PS5 a couple of years ago.

Death’s Stranding is one of those games I’ve kind of observed from afar since its original launch in 2019, and it’s a game that I’ve really wanted to try in the time since. For whatever reason though I’ve just never gotten around to it. One surefire way to get me to try a game from another platform that I’ve been meaning to play is to bring it to iOS, so I’ll very much be looking forward to this launch later this month if that release date holds to be true. One other thing worth noting is that both Resident Evil: Village and Resident Evil 4 came to iOS as “try before you buy" models, which is very appreciated so people can get a taste of the game and more importantly gauge how it’s going to run on their device before spending the cash. This one appears to be buy upfront only, so that might be an issue for some. At any rate I’m excited for Death Stranding Director’s Cut on iOS so let’s hope it really does launch by the end of this month.

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