Cozy Mini-Adventure ‘A Tiny Sticker Tale’ is Heading to Mobile Following its Well-Received Launch on Nintendo Switch and Steam

Mexican developer Ogre Pixel has released all sorts of awesome mobile titles over the years, such as Jumper Jon, Warcher Defenders, Swipe Casters, and more. In the past few years they’ve also branched out into the world of consoles and PC, first with their well-received life-sim puzzle adventure Lonesome Village back in 2022 and then most recently with their cozy sticker-based mini-adventure A Tiny Sticker Tale just this past October. Both titles are available on Nintendo Switch and Steam, but today Ogre Pixel has announced that A Tiny Sticker Tale is now heading to iOS and Android devices as well. Check out its Nintendo Switch launch trailer to get an idea of what it’s all about.

As our own Shaun Musgrave said about the Switch version when it launched, A Tiny Sticker Tale “basically takes the best part of Paper Mario: Sticker Star and makes a game out of it." What a great idea. Collect stickers in your sticker book, and then utilize those stickers as real-world objects to help you solve puzzles and create new situations in the game. As its title says this isn’t an overly long game, but it’s something chill and sweet to play and I think it will be a perfect fit for mobile. Ogre Pixel says they are going to implement a portrait option for mobile so you can play with just one hand, which is something both myself and Shigeru Miyamoto can appreciate. No specifics on a release date just yet but they say A Tiny Sticker Tale should be arriving on iOS and Android devices soon.

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