‘Art of Rally’ on iOS Includes Almost All Updates From the PC Version, Australia DLC Coming Alongside Android Version Soon

Funselektor’s Art of Rally () was announced for iOS and Android recently through Noodlecake Games, and it released on iOS today following a delay. I’ve not had much time to play it yet, but have been checking it out on Switch and Steam Deck leading into today’s iOS release. If you’ve not played it, Art of Rally is a gorgeous racer that feels very calming to play. I got confirmation from the developers that Art of Rally on iOS includes almost all updates and improvements from the PC and console version, but the Australia DLC will be arriving alongside the Android version which is due “soon". Watch the mobile trailer for Art of Rally below:

If you’d like to try out the gorgeous top-down and stylish racing game, you can buy Art of Rally on the App Store for iOS here. Pre-registrations are currently live on Google Play for Android here for it. Check out the official Art of Rally website here. You can grab it on Steam here as well. Stay tuned for my Art of Rally iOS review covering the game on iPhone 15 Pro, iPad Pro, and also comparing it with Switch and Steam Deck. Have you played Art of Rally on any platform yet and will you be checking it out on iOS today?

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