‘Wreckfest’ for iOS and Android Is Down to Just $0.99 for a Limited Time

HandyGames’ excellent mobile version of Bugbear’s demolition derby-style racer Wreckfest ($0.99) was always worth it on mobile, but it has gotten even better post-launch with updates. Today however, it is down to just $0.99 for a limited time on both iOS and Android. The usual price is $9.99 so this really is beyond worth it, and a perfect time to grab it if you were on the fence. Wreckfest supports 120hz on compatible devices, Apple TV support, and more. I already bought the game before, but this is something you need to get for sure, and one of HandyGames’ better releases. Watch the Wreckfest mobile trailer below:

We featured Wreckfest as our Game of the Week when it launched. If you’d like to grab it, you can buy Wreckfest on mobile on Google Play for Android here and on the App Store here at just $0.99. While Wreckfest is a paid game, it does have various DLC packs like the other platforms so keep that in mind. These range from different car packs to content bundles. Check out our forum thread for the game here with impressions. The console game is priced at $39.99 on Nintendo Switch with additional paid DLC available. Check out Wreckfest on Steam here if you’d like to grab it there. Have you played Wreckfest yet on any platform yet and will you be getting it on mobile today?

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