Sample the Entire Amazing ‘Reigns’ Series of Games in Your Browser on Mobile or PC

Over the weekend, Nerial announced that players can now sample the entire awesome Reigns ($2.99) game series for free on a browser through the official website offering a taste of each game. This includes Reigns, Reigns Her Majesty, Reigns Game of Thrones, and also Reigns Beyond and Reigns Three Kingdoms that are subscription only games. While most readers likely have played the games through some platform already, this is a great initiative to let those who don’t have any subscription services to try out games from them. I still hope we see the subscription only games hit other platforms through standalone releases in the future. Either way, if you’d like to try some Reigns games right now for free, check out the official game series website here. Watch the Reigns trailer below:

The Reigns website has touch control support and resizes correctly for mobile or your computer’s browser. Even if you already own or play the games, I’d recommend trying out the website and seeing how Nerial offers a taste of each game. If you’d like to play the games natively on mobile, you can grab Reigns Three Kingdoms via Netflix Games here, Reigns here (also on Apple Arcade here), Reigns Her Majesty here, Reigns Beyond on Apple Arcade here, and Reigns Game of Thrones here. If you have played games in the Reigns series before, which one is your favorite?

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