‘River City Girls’, ‘Wolfstride’, and More Come to Mobile as Part of New Crunchyroll Game Vault Service

Crunchyroll is one of the de facto sources for all things anime, and that includes video games based on anime. They’ve had their hands in the development and publishing sides of a number of video game projects over the years, but now they are taking things one step further by offering up a selection of premium mobile titles to their subscribers. The new service is called Crunchyroll Game Vault and it operates similarly to Netflix Games in that if you’re a subscriber to the Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan tiers on Crunchyroll you’ll get access to a selection of games included as part of your subscription. The launch lineup includes three brand new to mobile titles, Captain Velvet: The Jump+ Dimensions, River City Girls, and Wolfstride, as well as two previously released titles Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery and inbento.

As of today’s launch these titles are only available on the Google Play Store, with iOS versions of everything coming soon, which is something we’ll keep an eye out for. You can find out more about subcription pricing over on the Crunchyroll website, but basically the Mega Fan tier is $9.99 per month while the Ultimate Fan tier is $14.99 per month. Their lowest priced tier, the Fan tier, is $7.99 per month but does not include access to the Game Vault titles. Again you can get more information about what is included with each tier on their website. I’m not an anime person so I probably couldn’t justify subscribing to either of those tiers for the games only, but if you’re already a Crunchyroll subscriber then this is a really cool bonus, and it might be incentive enough to bump up from the lowest tier into one of the ones that includes Game Vault. I’ll also be interested to see what other titles end up coming to the service, especially ones that have not previously been released on mobile.

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