‘Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds’ is an Upcoming Roguelike Action RPG that Takes Place in the ‘Risk of Rain’ Universe

Did you know that today is the ten-year anniversary of Risk of Rain, the unique platformer that started out as a two-person student project and went on to become fully fleshed out project that turned into a major fan favorite over the past decade? Did you know that? If you did know that you are probably very good at semi-obscure video game trivia, but if you didn’t know that’s OK too because developer Hopoo Games has some very cool announcements today to celebrate this major milestone and make sure you are aware of it. First is that the ground-up remake of the game, Risk of Rain Returns, is now available on PC and Switch. Awesome. The second bit of news, more relevant to our readers here, is that they’ve announced a brand new mobile entry in the series called Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds. Whoa, even more awesome! Cue the trailer!

As you can see, this is an isometric action RPG that the developers describe as a “side-quel that exists within the same timeline as Risk of Rain 2 but focuses on a different part of the story." Speaking of developers, this one isn’t by Hopoo Games, as publisher Gearbox has partnered up with Canadian developer Frima Studio to develop Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds. It sounds like the game will go through some form of regional testing on its way to a global launch, and if you want to find out some more information or sign up to possibly try out the game early when it hits your region you can do so over on the game’s website. You’ll also unlock Mercanary when the game launches just for signing up. I’m definitely curious to see how this mobile take on the Risk of Rain universe turns out whenever Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds drops sometime in the hopefully not too distant future.

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