‘Pillow Champ’ to Bring a Kinder, Gentler Brand of Street Fighting to Netflix Games in Spring of 2024

Our old friends Frosty Pop are back with a new game that is looking like something decidedly different from their usual output. Imagine if you will an alternate history where in the year 2024 all crime and suffering has come to an end, with humanity realizing world peace by way of… pillow fighting. Yes, this far less lethal form of combat has replaced deadly weapons of mass destruction and even good old fashioned bare knuckles as the preferred way to sort out a disagreement or simply see who is a better fighter. That is the premise of the new game Pillow Champ, which looks to capture the essence of the ’90s fighting games but with bashing each other with pillows instead of fists, and slick stylized 2.5D visuals as opposed to pixels. Pillow Champ will launch with 8 distinctive combatants, which you can catch a glimpse of in the following teaser.

Though details on the actual fighting mechanics are scarce, Frosty Pop does declare that Pillow Champ will have “The best mobile controls ever in a fighting game (as easy and natural as texting)." Hmmm, very intrigued by that. Also the game will feature a healthy story-driven single-player component with storylines written by Strange Scaffold’s Xalavier Nelson Jr. who is known for the critically acclaimed El Paso, Elsewhere as well as numerous other writing credits in and around the video game sphere. Pillow Champ will be heading to mobile by way of Netflix Games, and it’s planned for Steam and Nintendo Switch as well. It’s targeting a spring 2024 release and you can find out more over on the game’s website.

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