New Pro Tour Mode Heading to Casual Daily Golfing Game ‘Coffee Golf’ on November 21st

Often there are games I want to write a little something about, whether I’m enjoying something personally or just seeing a game getting buzz from others around the interwebs, so that I can share it with you all and spread the gaming goodness. For a variety of reasons though I don’t always get the chance to post about a game I’d otherwise like to be posting about, and with how quickly the world of mobile gaming moves sometimes months will pass for a game that to me feels like it just came out last week. In case you haven’t guessed by now I’m describing this situation because that’s exactly what happened with Coffee Golf from Shallot Games. It launched way back in June and somehow it’s already November and I’m just now talking about it for the first time. For shame!

Now, Shallot are no strangers to excellent made-for-mobile experiences, like their stylish mini-golfing game Vista Golf or the quirky idle fishing game Tides. From what I understand Coffee Golf was intended to be a quick side project to a much larger game that they’re currently working on, Bitmon Battle, and wasn’t really expected to be a big deal or anything. Basically the developer wanted to take the Wordle formula where you have this shared experience of everyone all playing the same level each day but apply it to a very streamlined, one-handed friendly touchscreen golfing game. Basically something you can fiddle around with while drinking your morning coffee, hence the name Coffee Golf. Each day there’s one new course with 5 holes that can be played in any order you choose, and when you’re finished you can share your score with others to see how you stack up. You also have the ability to replay a day’s course, either by way of watching an ad or by unlocking unlimited play via an IAP, so you can try and try again to get the best score possible. Here is a quick gameplay video showcasing Coffee Golf in action.

Well, this combination of super-approachable golfing mechanics and the semi-competitive nature of trying to be amongst the top scores for each day’s course proved to be a huge success, and this week-long side project suddenly became more of a main focus for the small team. Especially in our own forums where players became borderline obsessed with sharing and improving their scores. Since its release in June Coffee Golf has seen a number of new features and improvements, largely based on player feedback. Things like a dedicated friend list, iCloud integration, the ability to go back and play previous days’ courses, and plenty of little tweaks to the physics and RNG system. For the past few months they’ve been hard at work on the game’s biggest update yet, something they’re calling the Pro Tour.

The important thing to note is that nothing will be changing about the core experience of Coffee Golf as it is today, and going forward that experience will be known as the Classic mode and entirely separate from the new upcoming Pro Tour mode. They’re not messing with a good thing! As for Pro Tour, they describe it as “1v1 multiplayer, with a trophy/progression system similar to other “Clash” games. You’ll progress through the tournaments, where we are adding new course themes (right now we have a Desert theme, a Links theme, and one more in development). It’s still Coffee Golf, but each new theme comes with its own intricacies and tricks to learn." There’s also a new achievement system where completing achievements will unlock avatars you can use in the Pro Tour. It sounds like it’s a great addition to an already great game, and Shallot has announced over on Reddit that Pro Tour will be officially launching in just a couple of weeks on November 21st. You can also find a video showcasing how Pro Tour works as well as a Testflight link to check it out early in that same Reddit thread, and of course you can always share friend codes or daily scores in our forums ahead of the big update’s launch later this month. Phew, I feel better that I finally got to post about Cofee Golf!

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