Latest ‘The Division Resurgence’ Regional Beta Test Set to Kick Off Next Week, Sign-Ups Open Now

We’ve been following along with the development of The Division Resurgence, the mobile exclusive iteration of Ubisoft’s majorly popular third-person action RPG online shooter series, ever since it was first announced back in May of 2021 that a mobile title was in the works. Most recently it was showcased as part of Apple’s iPhone 15 event back in September, and while originally slated for release this year following that event Ubisoft pushed the release window back to the first quarter of 2024 to give the game some more time in the oven, as they say. The game has been in various states of closed and open beta testing over the course of this year, and now the team is gearing up to kick off another round of tests for The Division Resurgence. But first, a new trailer.

This latest test will kick off on November 16th and will be open to select iOS and Android players in Brazil and the US, as well as all players in Australia, and currently you can still sign up to get in on this latest round of testing over on the Ubisoft website. They’ve also detailed what you can expect from The Division Resurgence in this upcoming test over on their blog, and for the first time the game will allow players to play the main campaign up to Mission 8 either solo or in co-op, and that will include side missions and other open world activities. Testers will also be able to check out the Dark Zone, PVP Conflict mode, and the new Lone Wolf mode where “solo players take on a series of short, increasingly difficult levels and try to complete them as quickly as possible to earn a good rating, move up in the ranks, and unlock rewards." Look for more news on The Division Resurgence as development continues and be sure to sign up if you want to try to get in on the beta test.

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