‘Kingdom Rush Vengeance’ New Hammerhold Campaign DLC Revealed, Coming December 7th for iOS, Android, and Apple Arcade

Ironhide Game Studio’s Kingdom Rush Vengeance ($4.99) is getting a major new DLC expansion early next month on iOS, Android, and Apple Arcade in the form of the Hammerhold campaign bringing in 5 new stages with three game modes, new boss fights, a new hero, a new tower, loads of easter eggs, added lore, and more. In this expansion, Hammerhold is the last bastion of the Kingdom where players will be able to control the Dark Army’s towers and champions including Isfet who is the new warlock hero and the Sandworm Hollow tower. The game modes for the new stages are Campaign, Heroic, and Iron. The update is also coming to Steam with added screenshots and details here. Ironhide Game Studio also released a new trailer for the upcoming expansion. Watch a trailer for the update and expansion below:

This will be the newest major update for Kingdom Rush Vengeance which has already gotten the the Subaquatic Menace update, the Frozen Nightmare, and Primal Rage updates. Check out the official website for this update here. If you’d like to grab the game before the DLC releases on December 7th (going by the YouTube trailer description), you can grab Kingdom Rush Vengeance on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. It is priced at $4.99 and features additional optional heroes you can buy as IAP. Check it out on Apple Arcade here. Head over to our forum threads for the original Kingdom Rush Vengeance here and the Apple Arcade version Kingdom Rush Vengeance+ here. Have you played Kingdom Rush Vengeance or the Apple Arcade version recently?

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