‘Disney Speedstorm’ Mobile Cross-Save With PC and Console Will Be Available Today for Soft Launch Players

Gameloft’s Disney-themed kart racer Disney Speedstorm () hit PC and console a while ago, and recently began pre-registrations for its global launch on mobile. I played the Disney Speedstorm Early Access launch version on both Switch and Steam Deck, and liked a lot of aspects, while hoping some would improve. Read my early access review of the game here. Today, the official Twitter account for Disney Speedstorm confirmed that the mobile soft launch version will support cross-save with the PC and console version. Once you link your accounts, you will need to select which progress and content to keep before progressing. I’m glad cross-save is making it in before the global mobile launch. Watch the trailer for the game below:

If you’ve not played the game on any platform yet, it is a free to play kart racer with Disney and Pixar characters and worlds. If you’d like to try out the soft launch, here’s the Disney Speedstorm soft launch App Store link. You can pre-register for it on Google Play for Android worldwide here and pre-order it on the App Store here (same link as the soft launch). On Steam and consoles, Disney Speedstorm is available now. The mobile version is free to play with various in app purchase sets of tokens. An official release date is yet to be revealed for the mobile version, but there is a placeholder date on the App Store. Have you played Disney Speedstorm on any platform before and will you be trying it on mobile when it does release?

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