‘Wizard of Legend Mobile’ Release Date Set for Tomorrow On iOS and Android

It was just two weeks ago that Wizard of Legend developer Contingent99 announced that Wizard of Legend Mobile was finally approaching release. The mobile port of the popular roguelite game had been announced all the way back in July of 2021, and personally I had started to think it just wasn’t going to happen after all. As much of a pleasant announcement as that was, today we’ve got an even better one. You’ll only have to wait another day to get your hands on this highly enjoyable game, as Wizard of Legend Mobile will hit the App Store and Google Play Store tomorrow courtesy of Humble Games.

For those not familiar with Wizard of Legend, it’s a roguelite action game where you play as a wizard trying to reach the bottom of a procedurally-generated dungeon. As wizards do. The wizard here is far from the squishy type that you might imagine, as they have access to a wide array of useful magic to fend off their foes with. The ultimate goal is to defeat all of the bosses and achieve the title of Wizard of Legend. Oh hey, that’s the title. Clever.

The game came out on consoles including the Switch (pictured below) and Steam back in 2018 and has garnered a generally good reputation since. I know I was rather fond of it for a while there. A sequel has been announced and I’d imagine that’s next on the agenda, but for mobile players we’ve got the whole first game to catch up on. We still don’t know all of the features it will support, but I’m hoping we’ve at least got controller support in the mix. I suppose we’ll know soon enough.

Anyway, that’s the news. Wizard of Legend Mobile, iOS and Android, tomorrow morning. The original game is a lot of fun, and as long as the port has been handled well I suspect we’ll all have a lovely time with this mobile version as well. Either Mikhail or I will be reviewing this one as soon as we can, so do look forward to that.

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