The Latest Update for ‘Among Us’ Welcomes You to the Fungle Today

The memetic fever around Among Us (Free) may have died down a little, but the game remains incredibly popular among players of all ages. Even if nothing else was ever added to the game, I suspect a lot of folks would be playing it until the end of time. We will never know, however, as those nefarious fellows at InnerSloth keep adding things to it every so often. The latest update is a big fellow, and it’s available right now. Yes, this very minute. But I understand if you want more details before committing to pressing that Update button, so let’s check out what we can expect from… The Fungle.

Hey, that’s a cute little trailer there. So, the biggest news here is the addition of an entire new map. The Fungle should give you plenty of interesting new opportunities to backstab, be backstabbed, or point out backstabbers. With it comes some new cosmetics you can use to customize your character via the Fungle Cosmicube. That sounds snazzy as heck. Beyond that, there are a couple of more minor tweaks to improve the play experience. The “How to Play" explanation has been updated with roles and images, and a timer will now appear before a lobby is about to close.

I’d love to stretch this out a bit longer, but Among Us has always been one of those things where it’s better to just play it and see than to have someone try to explain every minute detail. The game is free, the update is free, go download it all and experience the wonders of The Fungle yourself. Also, I would like to go on the record that I am very salty InnerSloth used the “Fungus Amongus" gag in the update notes before I could use it here. Throw me a bone, y’all.

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