The Latest ‘Marvel Snap’ Update Adds Rare Avatars, Location Emoji, and More

Ah, the start of a new season of Marvel Snap (Free). This is usually when a big crunchy update arrives. The kind that changes things more than simple rebalancing of numbers. A time for new features, ability changes, and so on. That’s just what we’ve got in today’s update, which came in along with the new Bloodstone season. If you’re still playing Marvel Snap, you’ll want to get up to speed on this one. There’s at least one big change you’ll want to make note of. I’ll break things down in my usual manner to explain all of the new stuff to you, so let’s get on with the show.

Well, I don’t like to leave people hanging. The main thing you need to know is that the Daily/Weekly Refresh Time is moving from 3AM UTC to 7PM UTC. For me here in Japan, that means instead of the rollover happening at noon, it happens at 4:00 AM. Alrighty. Some of your timers might look weird for the first day or two after you do this update, but it should sort itself out quickly enough. I’m not sure why the time is being moved, though I suppose it doesn’t matter too much unless you’re the sort that keeps playing right up to the deadline of each week.

A few small but cool features have been added. You can now preview how the cards in the shop will look at each level of quality before you buy them, and there are now special rare avatars that can pop up in Collector’s Reserves. More avatars sounds nice to me. Location emoji reactions have been implemented so you can react to locations. I’m still waiting for them to add “stop being a weenie" and “you don’t have to be a jerk about it" reacts, because we really need them. There’s also now a little red pip that will remind you when some news is added to the feed. Now you won’t miss a thing!

Okay, over to the card updates. Second Dinner seems to be trying to nerf Loki decks without nerfing Loki, or at least that’s my read of it. Okay, one by one. Mojo gets a slight adjustment to his text that doesn’t change anything gameplay-wise but better conveys what his ability does. Uatu’s ability has changed so that it only shows you the right-most location, but it now works at the start of the game whether or not he’s in your hand. The sacrifice for this is one point of Power, as he moves from 1-Cost 2-Power to 1-Cost 1-Power. I’m willing to call this a buff, albeit a modest one.

With Loki and Collector being a hot combo even now, cards that add to your hand have been hotter than ever. Three of them are getting changed this time, and I think on the whole it weakens Collector strategies. Mantis goes from 1-Cost 2-Power to 2-Cost 3-Power, Cable goes from 2-Cost 2-Power to 3-Cost 4-Power, and Maria Hill goes from 2-Cost 3-Power to 1-Cost 2-Power. Mantis and Cable have no changes to their abilities, but Maria Hill now only summons a random 2-Cost card to your hand instead of either a 1-Cost or 2-Cost card.

There are also a bunch of bug fixes included here, but such is the nature of any update. Overall, it’s nice to see the little feature adds and UI tweaks. Always welcome. These big monthly updates are the chance to make major changes to cards, but other than Uatu and a small tweak to Maria Hill, it feels like the rest of the balance changes in here could have been part of a smaller OTA update. It seems like Loki and Alioth will continue to wreak havoc for a couple more weeks at least. But hey, that’s none of my business. Now that this has dropped, we’ll have the new October deck guide ready for you within the next couple of days. What do you think of this update? Feel free to comment below, as usual.

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