‘Super Cat Tales: PAWS’ Halloween Update Brings Spooky Hats, a New Quest, and a ‘Flappy Bird’ Inspired Mini-Game

A cat dressed up like Frankenstein’s monster? A cat with a Jack-O-Lantern on its head? Does it get any cuter than that? Of course it doesn’t, and this can be your own reality if you dive into the new Halloween update for Neutronized’s Super Cat Tales: PAWS. Give your gang of kitties some spooky flair with a number of new Halloween-themed hats. There’s the bulging green forehead of the aforementioned Frankenstein’s monster, a Jack-O-Lantern helmet, a spooky purple top hat, and a scary skull. There’s also a new game in the arcade called Flappy Bat, which as you can probably guess is a Halloween riff on Flappy Bird. And finally there is a brand new pumpkin-filled Halloween quest for you to complete.

Alongside these new features the entire game world in Super Cat Tales: PAWS is also all decked out for Halloween. This is the latest in the Super Cat Tales series of platformers from Neutronized, a series that I’ve long felt exemplified how to do a platforming game on the touchscreen the right way. It features a control scheme that just makes sense along with visuals and presentation that feel like they could rival something by Nintendo. Neutronized has been cultivating a fan base with their games for well over a decade now, and the fans of Super Cat Tales seem to be among the most passionate of all. When Super Cat Tales: PAWS launched back in May we chose it as our Game of the Week, and if you haven’t checked this one out yet then let this new Halloween update be your reason for finally doing so.

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